Meditation App Prototyping
Personal project for App Design & Prototyping course
My goal with this prototype was to create a clean, user-centric and almost invisible desig. Integrating calming visuals and intuitive navigation, so that users can focus primarily on enjoying their meditations and cultivating mindfulness
Design process:

Developing an App prototype involves many steps. For the purpose of this project, I made sure not to skip any of them. Just keep reading, it is interesting

Final stage of wireframing — high fidelity frames. All elements are in their final places and sizes. All functionality is implemented

Inter is a typeface carefully crafted & designed for screens. It features a tall x-height to aid in legibility of mixed-case and lower-case texts.

Very simple, relaxing color palette. One accent color, one neutral and series of shades. Spiced up a little bit with series of light, silent gradients

The onboarding process is intentionally brief, offering users a concise introduction to the app's essence without overwhelming them with unnecesary information

For this prototype I showcase only the main user paths. Getting to know each other, a couple of simple question to personalize sessions and we are all set.
Session page and media player:
Project file:
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